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Local Health Care Resources


WomanWise Midwifery is a small midwife-owned private practice which integrates well-woman gynecology and holistic,  full-scope midwifery care in a birth-friendly hospital setting.  They see patients in 2 convenient office settings: East Norriton and Erdenheim. website:


Village Wellness Center is a holistic acupuncture center on the Main Line in Berwyn, PA.

Biological Dentistry

Dental Wellness Centre offers mercury-free dentistry along with a holistic approach to your dental treatments. Dr. Hyo Lim and his staff give personal attention to each patient in order to determine the type of treatment that would be most beneficial, always keeping their health as the main concern. They are located in King of Prussia.

Health Insurance and Medicare Experts:

At Real Health Quotes, LLC, their mission is service. Selling you the correct health package to fit your needs is only the first step. Servicing your health insurnace is their mission. Whether you have claim problems, coverage issues, or billing problem, they are there for you – now and in the future! Contact info: Telephone: 888-838-7281

Massage and Craniosacral Therapies:

Mar Vial is a licensed massage therapist with additional training in in biodynamic craniosacral therapy, cardioreceptive therapy, organ massage and lymph drainage therapy. You can find more information from her website:

Holistic Veterinarian Services:

Doylestown Veterinary Hospital and Holistic Pet Care offers services for surgeries, acupuncture, laser therapy, homeopathy, herbal medicine, nutrition counseling and integrative care for your furry loved one. Find out more information here: .

Colon Hydrotherapy

Inner Vitality Spa is located in Newtown, PA. This Pennsylvania spa offers the finest in massage, facial, mud bath, body wrap, acupuncture, and other day spa services, at a fraction of the cost you would pay in Philadelphia or New York. Learn more here:

Neuro-feedback from Mind Matters

Neurofeedback is training your brain. It uses technology to assess your brainwave activity and then uses a process where you watch a movie or listen to music to obtain optimal brainwave activity. It is a non-invasive, no pain, no-harm technology used by professional athletes, top performers and businesses all over the world. We believe at M.E. Matters where Mind & Emotion matters, that a healthy, happy and satisfying life is one in which there is a balance of one’s mind and emotions. Click here for more information:

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Embodyed Tides is owned by Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Carly McDade in Erdenheim, PA. Taken directly from Carly’s website: I strongly believe in the power of our self-talk, as it shapes the way we engage with the world.  Throughout achievements and hardships, each of us develops a viewpoint or integrated identity that affects our self-worth, relationships, health, jobs – you name it.  As your therapist, I am here to support your successes alongside your struggles, discovering new ways to strengthen your story.  As you foster this sense of ownership in your life, I believe you will find there is no limit to your potential. To Learn more about how Carly can help you and your family,

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